MalwareBytes Review: Defending More Than Just Our Computers

MalwareBytes Review

Your personal computer or whatever computing devices you use at home are an underrated aspect of homeownership. After all, from your computer, you may control smart appliances, home alarms and cameras, solar installations, and even your financials like your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, utilities, and more! So imagine how vulnerable all these things are … Read more

Sky Net Termite Review: Critical Damage Assessment & Repair

Sky Net Termite Review

Structural diagnosis and repair could very well be the most important assessment that one can make on a house or building when it comes to resolving termite problems, and that is precisely what Sky Net Termite does.  So in this review, we evaluate our experiences with this company, which took place over a couple of … Read more

Certified Roofing Specialists (CRS) Review: Doing It Right

Certified Roofing Specialists workers installing a new roof on our house

Roofing is one of the most important aspects of homeownership because it governs energy usage, water damage issues (and repairs), and overall property value. Unfortunately, we’ve already had to deal with the consequences of poor roofing practices, which often don’t manifest themselves until a few years later when it’s already too late!  So we need … Read more