5 Termite Control Companies We Have Worked With In LA & OC

The Best Termite Control Companies For Los Angeles and Orange County

Termites were one pest that really chewed us out of tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. So this led us on the path to finding termite control companies in an attempt to get back our most important (and most expensive) investment of our lifetime – our home! However, we’ve had the misfortune of dealing … Read more

Homeowner or Home Owner? – A surprisingly tricky question

Is it homeowner or home owner?

Is it “homeowner” or “home owner”? One word? Or two words? Similarly, is it “homeownership” or “home ownership”? Naturally, we stumbled upon this question when we came up with this website. Should we call it “Home Owner Headaches”? Or “Homeowner Headaches”? It turns out that this is a surprisingly tricky question to answer because historically … Read more

Sky Net Termite Review: Critical Damage Assessment & Repair

Sky Net Termite Review

Structural diagnosis and repair could very well be the most important assessment that one can make on a house or building when it comes to resolving termite problems, and that is precisely what Sky Net Termite does.  So in this review, we evaluate our experiences with this company, which took place over a couple of … Read more

Certified Roofing Specialists (CRS) Review: Doing It Right

Certified Roofing Specialists workers installing a new roof on our house

Roofing is one of the most important aspects of homeownership because it governs energy usage, water damage issues (and repairs), and overall property value. Unfortunately, we’ve already had to deal with the consequences of poor roofing practices, which often don’t manifest themselves until a few years later when it’s already too late!  So we need … Read more

The Home Repairs That Became Our Homeowner Headaches Story

The Home Repairs That Became Our Homeowner Headaches Story

We started the Homeowner Headaches website because we were going through a series of home repairs or home repair projects that originally began with the simple goal of trying to get solar energy. However, once we started peeling back the onion (so to speak) of the various home repairs that needed attention to even enable … Read more

Are Solar Panels Worth It For Homeowners? Our Case Study

Are solar panels worth it for homeowners like us?

Are solar panels worth it for homeowners like ourselves?  To answer this question, we show the process of how we got them installed on the roof of our home, and we show their efficiency and performance after the permission to operate by our local utility company.    Having a solar photovoltaic (PV) system was something that … Read more

Is It Worth Hiring A Property Manager To Rent Out A House?

Is It Worth Hiring A Property Manager To Rent Out A House?

Renting out a house can be scary. So we naturally asked ourselves whether or not it’s worth hiring a property manager. While homeownership in general is full of “landmines” in terms of costly maintenance and repairs, property rentals introduce even more financial (and legal) mines to consider. In theory, keeping or investing in a house … Read more

Termite Control – 5 Steps We Took To Save Our Home!

A situation calling for termite control

Termite control was something that we never really appreciated until we experienced firsthand the damage that the insects have caused to our most expensive investment – our home! Indeed, nothing strikes more fear into homeowners than termites, especially once they feel the pain of repair after the damage has been done. In our situation in … Read more